Kofi Rocco mit Trommel

Welcome to my website. Let yourself be captivated by my love for music in general, and the fascination of rhythm and drums in particular.

Find out everything you need to know about me and my work as a percussionist and workshop leader. You can get information about my biography and see when and where i will have my next gigs.

You can get information about my workshop offerings, when and where they take place, what is the content and the methods I teach.
You can also learn about PROJECTS which have taken place in the past, and what I plan in the future.
Even audio files, images and movies will find their place on the page in the menu MEDIA. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment for a trial lesson and / or leave me your suggestions. Also for other questions, please feel free  to CONTACT me. If you want leave a message in my GUESTBOOK